Build and Test of the L2A Re-Amp Box by DIYRE

A Re-amp box is a useful and indispensable piece of equipment to have when recording electric guitars. I think that the assumption is that they allow to to have clean backups of your guitar recording, or allow you more options, or make edits of guitar parts easier to make your playing better, but they have... Continue Reading →

One Car Garage Workshop

It's been about 4 years since we moved into our house and I started having a shop. It's funny how what you grow up with is normal to you. I grew up with my dad's 2 car garage wood shop full of every tool imaginable. I think I remember about 2 times that there was... Continue Reading →

You Know – Original Song

So I wrote this song a couple of years ago, but haven't gotten around to recording it in any way until now. Since I recently finished up building a microphone from a kit, recording this song seemed like the perfect way to break in the new microphone. Check out the microphone build article here! This... Continue Reading →

Speaker Testing Wire

From time to time I need a way to hook up a guitar speaker to an amplifier for testing. This really is a simple cord with a 1/4" jack on one end, and female disconnect connectors on the other, however a simple thing when you need it and don't have it can be annoying. For... Continue Reading →

D.I.Y. Rack Mount Shelf

So at the end of 2019 I upgraded my computer from a 2012 Macbook Pro to a 16" Macbook Pro. At least my 8 year old computer served me well and allowed me to skip the butterfly keyboard Macbooks all together. I figured since I was in upgrading mode I would work on the ergonomics... Continue Reading →

MIDI Controlled Recording Light

So I built this LED backlit sign, that changes colors when it receives MIDI signals from any digital audio workstation. So when you hit play it turns green, when you hit stop it turns yellow, and when you hit record it turns red. So basically I started off by building a box out of wood.... Continue Reading →

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