You Know – Original Song

So I wrote this song a couple of years ago, but haven't gotten around to recording it in any way until now. Since I recently finished up building a microphone from a kit, recording this song seemed like the perfect way to break in the new microphone. Check out the microphone build article here! This... Continue Reading →

Drum Recording Day

So on a Saturday morning I headed out to record some drums with my band. Now our drummers drum set was setup at his church since it is the kit that they use every Sunday for services, so rather then hall them away somewhere else to record and then have to bring them back we... Continue Reading →

Of Sorts

Of Sorts' debut EP “More Of The Same” released in 2015 is the pet project of singer, songwriter, and guitar player Luke Merwin. Collaborating over long distance, Luke worked with drummer Darren McLean to produce music they both could be proud of. In the spirit of true indie music all of the recording, editing, mixing, and mastering... Continue Reading →

You Are The One

In January of 2016 the single "You Are The One" was released. From its approachable melody to simple chord construction this song is perfect for any worship setting. Whether you are by yourself or leading a congregation please feel free to use this song to give words and melody to your worship of Jesus Christ.... Continue Reading →

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