Thinline Acoustasonic Guitar Build

What to call this new guitar that I have created. It's a full hollow body design, but shoved into a traditional thinline telecaster shape. It's inspiration was to be a live guitar that could do everything reasonably well. Now that it is done, I would say somehow it does all that and more. I had... Continue Reading →

Replacement End Pin Jack

You know what they say, you get what you pay for. Well sometimes that is true and sometimes it isn't. When it comes to audio connectors I really don't see the value in trying to save money. I have seen so many audio connectors fail over the years. XLRs, 1/4 inch, you name it it... Continue Reading →

Upright Piano to Epic Keyboard Conversion

Seems like piano conversions are some kind of mythical creature. I have seen them many times in music videos and live shows but information on doing the actual conversion is pretty slim. This is my take on the project of gutting an upright piano and installing an electric keyboard. Obviously step one is to figure... Continue Reading →

Huge Portable Bluetooth Speaker

So there are times when we are in the back yard and some music would be really nice. Now obviously the two extremes when it comes to effort are to just buy a Bluetooth speaker and be done with it, or to install permanent outdoor speakers. Certainly either of those options would work but I... Continue Reading →

M-Audio BX5a capacitor replacement

Well my studio monitors started going splat crack instead of boom boom. Now normally the first thought is that means that a driver is blown, but really all it needed was two new capacitors to make it good as new. I opened the speaker up by removing the front and back panel, and once I... Continue Reading →

From Sewing Machine to Rotary Speaker

Guitar players have pedals, sewing machines have pedals. There must be something cool to make for playing guitar with a sewing machine. Sewing machine pedal goes slow to fast. Rotary speakers go slow and fast, and thus an idea was born. I don't know if this has ever been done before, like most things I... Continue Reading →

Guitar Amplifier Speaker Cabinet

The custom head enclosure I made for my mystery tube amp turned out so good, I absolutely needed to build a matching speaker cabinet to go with it. Check out the build article for the amplifier head here Since I knew that I wanted to build this speaker cabinet for a specific amplifier, the size... Continue Reading →

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