You Know – Original Song

So I wrote this song a couple of years ago, but haven’t gotten around to recording it in any way until now.

Since I recently finished up building a microphone from a kit, recording this song seemed like the perfect way to break in the new microphone.

Check out the microphone build article here!

This song is about being fully known, and yet fully loved by God. I think that everyone has secrets that they don’t want anyone to know. Things we have done or things we have thought that we would be embarrassed if those that we loved ever found out about. It is this feeling that if we were fully known by someone then they couldn’t possibly love us.

And yet this tension exists between wanting to be loved and to love, but not wanting to be fully known. There is great freedom however in realizing that God knows us better than we know ourselves and yet he still loves us deeply. Thankfully everyday when we screw up he is faithful to pick us up, wash us clean, and make us a new creation all over again.

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