D.I.Y. Microphone Kit Build

Why buy and expensive microphone when you can build one!

I have been in need of a good quality large diaphragm condenser microphone for a little while now. The mic I ended up purchasing was the T-47 kit.

T-47 Microphone Kit

On the Mic Parts website they seem to compare this microphone to a Neumann U87. Considering that the U87 costs about 7 times the price if true, that would make this kit an exceptional buy. Mic Parts isn’t sponsoring this in any way, I purchased this kit with my own money.

The kit came in the mail, and was assembled without much to talk about. This is because the instructions were clear and everything went together without a problem. Some soldering know how is a must, but if your comfortable with a soldering iron and following instructions then you shouldn’t have any problem putting this microphone together. In about 2 hours I had the kit assembled and was ready to make some music.

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Now admittedly, I don’t own any top tier microphones, especially vintage ones (since if I did, then I wouldn’t really need to be building any…), and I haven’t used them since I worked at a recording studio about 9 years ago. So my ears are comparing this mic to the MXL 990, and 992 that I already own. To my ears though, it is a very nice sounding microphone. The top end is nice and smooth without being harsh.

Considering this microphone costs as much as my Shure sm7b I think it is a fantastic microphone and is well worth the money. Now of course I could keep telling you about how the microphone sounds but I think that it would be better for you to hear it for yourself.

Check out the video below for a build of the microphone as well as some sound tests with talking, singing, and acoustic guitar.



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