D.I.Y. Rack Mount Shelf

So at the end of 2019 I upgraded my computer from a 2012 Macbook Pro to a 16″ Macbook Pro. At least my 8 year old computer served me well and allowed me to skip the butterfly keyboard Macbooks all together.

I figured since I was in upgrading mode I would work on the ergonomics of my desk setup and get things cleaned up and looking nice. This involved making a slide out shelf that could rack mount in the back of my desk to tuck the computer out of the way when I am using my external monitor. IMG_4532


I picked up a set of rack mount drawer slides from DIY Road Cases.


I ended up having to make my own shelf because a lot of the ones that you can buy are deeper than 14 inches, which is the deepest that will fit in my desk rack space.

Really all this project was then was cutting a piece of plywood to 14″x16″ 3/8.


I did some extra work to cut a piece to glue to the front to hide the ugly particle board edge but this was really an easy project.

You can watch the build in the video down below:

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