Pickup Winding: First Attempt

Here is the saga of me getting started in the world of pickup winding. It is something that I have wanted to do for a while now and I finally got around to it. I started off by building my own winding machine, if you haven't read that article you can find it here: How to... Continue Reading →

Cigar Box Guitar

Here is my first attempt at building a cigar box guitar. My self imposed goal was to build it out of as garbage and reused items as possible. I started with a piece of oak that I picked from the garbage. It looked like it had been a piece of flooring or cabinet trim at... Continue Reading →

Radio Guitar Amp Conversion

The goal of this project is to convert the AM section of this old Magnavox radio into a guitar input. Generally the radio signals are similar in level to guitar signals to allow you to tap into the signal and have a pretty decent guitar input. The process should work for any AM radio but... Continue Reading →

3-Prong Power Cord

Lets replace a 2-prong power cord on an old tube amp, with a 3-prong cord. Now we need to pause right here and I just need to say that there are some dangers in working with tube amps. So if you don’t know what you are doing I recommend that you don’t poke around inside... Continue Reading →

Amplifier Selector Switch

Problem: I want to connect one pair of speakers to 2 separate amplifiers. Solution: Build a Switch box! Materials Used: 4PDT Switch, Aluminum Faceplate, Speaker Terminal Connectors So I am going to build a switch so that I can hook up 2 amplifiers to one set of speakers. Now what I need for this is a 4 pole... Continue Reading →

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