Cigar Box Guitar

Here is my first attempt at building a cigar box guitar. My self imposed goal was to build it out of as garbage and reused items as possible. I started with a piece of oak that I picked from the garbage. It looked like it had been a piece of flooring or cabinet trim at... Continue Reading →

Radio Guitar Amp Conversion

The goal of this project is to convert the AM section of this old Magnavox radio into a guitar input. Generally the radio signals are similar in level to guitar signals to allow you to tap into the signal and have a pretty decent guitar input. The process should work for any AM radio but... Continue Reading →

3-Prong Power Cord

Lets replace a 2-prong power cord on an old tube amp, with a 3-prong cord. Now we need to pause right here and I just need to say that there are some dangers in working with tube amps. So if you don’t know what you are doing I recommend that you don’t poke around inside... Continue Reading →

Amplifier Selector Switch

Problem: I want to connect one pair of speakers to 2 separate amplifiers. Solution: Build a Switch box! Materials Used: 4PDT Switch, Aluminum Faceplate, Speaker Terminal Connectors So I am going to build a switch so that I can hook up 2 amplifiers to one set of speakers. Now what I need for this is a 4 pole... Continue Reading →

Guitar Pedal Backup Battery

So here is a little DIY piece of gear that is super simple to make. And I think it is worth throwing in your gig bag and bring along with your guitar pedals and can really save the day. Materials: Power Connectors, Battery Clips This is just a 9-volt battery with a battery clip, soldered to... Continue Reading →

Drum Recording Day

So on a Saturday morning I headed out to record some drums with my band. Now our drummers drum set was setup at his church since it is the kit that they use every Sunday for services, so rather then hall them away somewhere else to record and then have to bring them back we... Continue Reading →

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