D.I.Y. MIDI Guitar

Built this Frankenstein of a guitar to scratch an itch I had about combining guitars and MIDI. The body has the outside shaping of a Fender Jaguar, while the inside pickup and bridge placement is setup like a Fender Stratocaster. This makes the guitar play and sound like a strat, but there is extra space... Continue Reading →

How To Veneer MDF Speakers

In this video I show you how to apply a wood veneer to MDF speakers. In my previous post I built a parts-Express speaker kit and now it is time to make the speakers look as good as they sound. I picked up some walnut veneer from my local hardwood dealer and got to work... Continue Reading →

Parts-Express Speaker Build

I built a speaker kit from The kit was complete with mdf pieces and all the components to build the crossover and speakers. Basically I has to glue everything together, then solder the crossover and install the drivers. Overall the speakers sound really good. I am very pleased with the way they sound and... Continue Reading →

Taking Inventory

It is always a good idea to have all the information on your expensive music gear and instruments in a safe place. I finally got around to taking pictures of all of my guitars and other gear, and combined it with receipts and serial numbers in a folder on my Google Drive. That way if... Continue Reading →

Of Sorts

Of Sorts' debut EP “More Of The Same” released in 2015 is the pet project of singer, songwriter, and guitar player Luke Merwin. Collaborating over long distance, Luke worked with drummer Darren McLean to produce music they both could be proud of. In the spirit of true indie music all of the recording, editing, mixing, and mastering... Continue Reading →

You Are The One

In January of 2016 the single "You Are The One" was released. From its approachable melody to simple chord construction this song is perfect for any worship setting. Whether you are by yourself or leading a congregation please feel free to use this song to give words and melody to your worship of Jesus Christ.... Continue Reading →

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