D.I.Y. MIDI Guitar

Built this Frankenstein of a guitar to scratch an itch I had about combining guitars and MIDI.

The body has the outside shaping of a Fender Jaguar, while the inside pickup and bridge placement is setup like a Fender Stratocaster. This makes the guitar play and sound like a strat, but there is extra space where the tremolo bridge of a Jaguar would be to add some arcade buttons for a midi controller. This way I have a MIDI controller setup like one octave of a piano right a my fingertips.

The MIDI craze continued with Roland GK-3 MIDI pickup installed on the guitar. I can now queue up backing tracks and play drum triggers from the arcade buttons, and then blend electric guitar sounds with whatever MIDI synths I want from the GK-3 pickup to create an endless possibility of sounds.

Check out the videos relating to this guitar:

2 thoughts on “D.I.Y. MIDI Guitar

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  1. hello, sir, I’m from Philippines i just want to see clearly the wirings in this project because my ptoject in thesis this year is this and i just want to see where did you put the wire for the guitar and could it be possible to connect this with midi drums ?


  2. Hi Luke !
    I hope you are doing well !
    Great job ! this project is so cool !

    After couple years of usage, what is your opinions on the Gk3 ?
    Would you recommand it ?
    Do you experiment latency or any trouble while using it live ?
    Did you try it with in a Daw like Ableton Live ?

    What is your overall feedback on the pickup ?
    I also have plenty of quesiton concerning the arduino but i’ll stop here for the moment šŸ˜€

    Best regards,


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