MIDI Controlled Recording Light

So I built this LED backlit sign, that changes colors when it receives MIDI signals from any digital audio workstation. So when you hit play it turns green, when you hit stop it turns yellow, and when you hit record it turns red. So basically I started off by building a box out of wood.... Continue Reading →

Rack Case Friction Catch

Alright so maybe this is only a problem that I and I alone have. But my carpeted rack case for my PA system is getting sad, and the tiny corners of velcro in the corners of the doors no longer hole them on very well. I was thinking about how I could fix this issue... Continue Reading →

Pickup Winding: First Attempt

Here is the saga of me getting started in the world of pickup winding. It is something that I have wanted to do for a while now and I finally got around to it. I started off by building my own winding machine, if you haven't read that article you can find it here:¬†How to... Continue Reading →

Cigar Box Guitar

Here is my first attempt at building a cigar box guitar. My self imposed goal was to build it out of as garbage and reused items as possible. I started with a piece of oak that I picked from the garbage. It looked like it had been a piece of flooring or cabinet trim at... Continue Reading →

Radio Guitar Amp Conversion

The goal of this project is to convert the AM section of this old Magnavox radio into a guitar input. Generally the radio signals are similar in level to guitar signals to allow you to tap into the signal and have a pretty decent guitar input. The process should work for any AM radio but... Continue Reading →

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